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Welcome To OMCOGroup.com Your source for large batch mixers and complete material processing systems.


OMCO Group, Ltd.


We are a company comprised of team players solving today's challenges with forward thinking ideas for tomorrow's world.

OMCO Group, Ltd. is an original equipment manufacturer of the OMCO Batch Mixers and complete material processing systems.

In-house services included:

Sales-New and re-manufactured machines, turnkey lines and system integration.

Engineering and Design-Concept, project, mechanical, electrical, process and custom.  PLC programming, operator interface terminal programming and peripheral device interface.

Production Capabilities, Mechanical-Fabrication, welding, bending, shearing, drilling, grinding, assembly, painting and testing.

Production capabilities, Electrical-Complete panel building, wiring, tagging, component wiring, bracketry, device interconnect and testing.

Parts-Stocked at OMCO Group Ltd. Mukwonago, Wisconsin.

Customer Service-Excellent personalized attention for all your project needs.

Equipment re-building-We realize the importance of saving money in today's marketplace and can refurbish existing equipment for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.



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