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OMCO Batch Mixer


Mixing Vessel:

The patented OMCO batch mixing vessel consists of a stationary cast bowl with a contoured shaped bottom.  A mixing blade is contoured to the bowl extending across the diameter of the vessel.  The rotation of the mixing blade fluidizes the material and enacts a centrifugal force moving the material up the side of the mixing vessel in a circular motion.  Gravitational force, assisted by deflectors when necessary, cause the material to fold and fall into the center of the mixing blade creating a vortex while exposing the material to shearing forces.

Mixing Blade:

The Mixing blade configuration and speed are selected to suit each application with due consideration for mixing material and process objectives.  The mixing blade itself is constructed of steel and is lined with a ceramic tile or tungsten carbide for maximum wear life.

Mixer Drive Arrangement:

The OMCO Batch Mixer's drive arrangement utilizes a synchronous drive design.  This arrangement has been proven to be very reliable and durable under many harsh environments.  The D-flange motor is mounted directly on to a slotted motor plate which bolts directly to the frame.

Mixer Discharge:

With our basic discharge arrangement, there is a built-in door on the mixing bowl that opens when the cycle is complete.  A pneumatic cylinder mounted on the discharge chute operates this door mechanism.  After the door opens, the mixing blade continues to spin and the mixed material is ejected into the discharge chute.  Once in the chute the material falls into your receiving hopper for the next process area.  The discharge chute can completely open up for maintenance and this access is protected with a safety limit switch.

We also have our new "R" style of mixers that has a completely new way of discharging the material. Instead of discharging through a door in the mixing bowl and the material falling down the discharge chute, the mixing bowl itself will completely rotate and the material will discharge by gravity.  Also, when the mixer is inverted, the mixing blade will engage and spin to extract any remaining material.

Machine Frame:

All of the mixer frames on our standard OMCO batch mixers are constructed of 2x3 tubing welded to two I-beams for wheel block mountings.  The entire frame is completely guarded to ensure safety.  The discharge chute door limit switch and door cylinder solenoid are pre wired to a NEMA 12 junction box.


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