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OMCO can design a complete system for your mixer including the following:


Dry Ingredient Addition:

OMCO can design a variety of dry ingredient addition systems for almost any mixing application.  We will design our hoppers based on our customer's specific material and volumes needed to batch.  Additions to the mixer can be done in several different ways, by volume, by weight or by a simple timing process.  Small amounts are usually done through a volumetric power feeder.

Liquid Ingredient Addition:

Whatever type of liquid addtion the mix requires, OMCO can design the right addition system for your application.  This liquid addition system is usually designed on a case-by-case basis.

Shuttle System:

Our mixers can be equipped with a special wheel block and gear motor arrangement so that one mixer may service multiple machines or work stations.  The shuttle system can be used on the ground level or be used on your existing mezzanine or OMCO can design and build a new mezzanine specifically for your application.

Electrical Control System:

Our mixing systems are usually completely controlled by a programmable logic controller.  OMCO will design and build the complete control panel system to our customer's needs.  This assembly of the panel is done completely in house to insure it is doe properly.  We are very flexible with many manufactures of PLC's and electrical components and do complete testing before shipment.








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